Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Financing Business School

I was going to title this post: and I thought APPLYING was expensive #ThinkAgain but then decided that it was too long.

I got my initial loan award notification the other day and nearly fainted!  I knew that would be coming but it was like looking at an employment offer!  I mean actually... 1 year's tuition is definitely someone's yearly salary!  I can't say that I was shocked because I knew what it would say but it's the magnitude of actually seeing your name at the top of the paper instead of "John Doe"  I know some people who saw that paper and said "yeah no I'm not doing this..."  For me though when I look down the road 10/15 years I need to have my MBA.  And by Need I mean Want and anyone who knows me knows that to me.. need/want are one in the same!  Therefore, I'm okay with putting down my deposit given calculations in the initial notification letter.

So all of my friends right now are looking for money from schools.  One thing I've seen from them is that they're able to leverage a Consortium fellowship from a "safety" school to get more money out of the school that they really want to go to.  This has been fascinating for me to see since I am not experiencing it myself first hand.  I will say that the correspondence with schools do NOT end once you've been admitted.

I found it comical to a degree when some of my friends would get a phone call and say "ut oh... I was admitted to school ______ with $$$$$"  and then I would reply "OH MAN.. sorry to hear that."  I remember one time I said to my friend "doesn't that sound weird?"  It's like "oh... sorry to hear that you just got offered $100,000 to go to school for 2 years!"  We definitely had to check ourselves.  But then if you think of the other side of things... out of my friends who applied to Consortium Schools... I am the only one that I know who did not get a fellowship.

There are many reasons for this which I probably won't go in to, but I will say that the knowledge they gained by being MLT members definitely gave them a leg up in terms of information throughout the application process.  I mean my ranking could have been different but of course I'm going to say that knowing what the outcome was!  Don't cry for me Argentina I'll be okay... but I do play the lottery on the regular now!  #RealTalk

I'm not complaining at all, because I'm still on my grind trying to find money out there.  THERE IS DEFINITELY MONEY OUT THERE!  TRUST THAT.  I'm seeing it being handed out left and right.  I just need to figure out how I can get in the same lane haha.  One of my friends told me about a scholarship application that's opening up today and I told him that if he's truly my friend he won't apply for it because he'll be competing against me!  I was half serious.  ::side eyes::

So even though I've applied and been accepted and will be putting my deposit down later today - once my paycheck gets deposited... there is still a crapload of work to be done!

1.  Need to stay motivated at work.
2.  Need to make sure my credit is on the up and up (oh trust me there will be a whole post on this after June)
3.  Need to fill out paperwork for the Consortium so I can attend OP in June.
4.  Later this evening is the NYC Johnson School at Cornell Admitted Students Happy Hour!
5.  Next weekend is Destination Johnson.

I think I may have some down time between 4/15 and 6/1.  I know that my second deposit will be due on June 1st but I'm going to try to get that in sooner so that I can start really saving up money for school. Plus the Orientation Program for the Consortium is in June so that's going to cost money.  Actually I think it's just going to cost the flight.  The hotel and food is paid for and then they'll reimburse us up to $300 of the flight.  So that will be good.

For those of you starting this process...  GOOD LUCK!  LOL  sorry I had to chuckle because I know exactly what you're going through right now!  At this time last year I was finishing up my MGMAT Course.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funny MBA Links

Here are some links to some funny things I've come across lately from some blog readers.  These are meant to be funny - so laugh don't get offended!!!  Feel free to leave a comment and say which ones you found funny.

Funny Fake MBA Application Essay Questions by School

If Business Schools Were Car Brands

Here are some links to some funny video's I've posted on my blog before:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

MBA Meet and Greet Week!

Wow that post title has a lot of e's in it!  It's not really a formal event (MBA Meet and Greet Week) but that's what it feels like to me.

On Saturday I went into the city and had lunch with my tutor and another admitted Johnson student whom my tutor also tutored.  We went to a place on the Upper East side well... could be midtown east depending on who you ask.  We met at 3 and didn't leave until 9!  Clearly we talked about everything under the sun.  Then I went out and got drunk with some old coworkers.

Tomorrow (Monday) I'm having dinner with two blog readers.  One is my online friend who got into Tuck.  We talk everyday on gchat but have never met in person yet.  I also got an email from another blog reader I think on Thursday who is waiting on a couple other acceptances, but already got into Georgetown.  The reader asked if I wanted to meet so we could just chat about whatever we wanted to chat about and network so I just said "hey why don't you come to dinner with me and my friend?"  (Note to self: email back with location and time) So tomorrow will be fun!

Tuesday - I have a call with another blog reader who emailed me last week.  He wants to get my perspective on this application process as an LGBT applicant, so I'm MORE than happy to speak with him.  There's definitely a way to go about navigating the process from that angle.  I think we're going to talk at 8:15.  I need to check my email again.

Wednesday - Around lunch time I'm going to have lunch with another Johnson admit.  I'm not sure if I told you about him but when I was on the bus going up to my interview he messaged me on Facebook introducing himself and wishing me luck and all that jazz.  He had already been accepted and I guess found out about me from my blog.  So yeah we spoke briefly on the phone today and he's going to be in the city Wednesday so why not meet up for lunch right?  He's going to be my classmate!  woo hoo!

Thursday - I think I mentioned this before, but on Thursday the 31st here in NYC I've organized a Johnson Admit Happy Hour at the Ainsworth at 6:30.  So far there are about 11 of us NYC admits who have confirmed.  As more and more students gain access to the Ning site I'm sure more NYC folks will pop up and I'll message them too.  I should also email folks in Jersey too because I'd be willing to guess that they work in the city.  If not... hey who knows maybe they'll come too!

Friday - I'll actually be in Baltimore for an all cheerleading competition.  or maybe it's in DC.  HHmmm I'm not sure actually I just get in the car and fall asleep and follow people haha.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This friend I met almost two years ago in one of my Digital Marketing Certificate classes at NYU.  We kept in touch... started studying together and helping one another through this process.  She was also admitted to University of Texas McCombs School of Business (not sure if that's the full proper name), so she also has some great options!

I think that just about rounds out all of my friends who I know applied to schools.  We've all gotten in somewhere!  Now... after they make all of their decisions it's TIME TO PARRRTAAYY!



I am soooooo happy to be making this post today!  My friend just found out that she was admitted to Duke Fuqua!  I know that he/she has been soooo nervous about Duke because of some prior WL and Dings that he/she received.  He/She did get another admit too so now it's great to have options.  I'm happy that everything is working out for my friends because I know how hard we've worked to have the type of outcome that we're having.

It's funny because at like 11 I sent a message to him/her on gchat asking "so when will you find out about Duke?"  He/She said "i'm not sure what they do..."  then I went outside for 5 minutes... came back to a message that said "I GOT IN!"  Then stupid me, said "kkjahfjkha to Duke?"  lmao as if he/she was waiting for another school haha..  #hotmess


Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dust Has Settled - Looking ahead

So now that I know pretty much where I'll be going to school this fall my outlook on things has changed a bit.  I can now - finally - think ahead to the coming months.  Last night I spoke to my friend on the phone for two hours.  He's the one who was accepted to Johnson recently who I met at Starbucks a couple weeks ago.  We talked about everything b-school under the sun.  I can just imagine how any liquid medicated conversations will go between us because we can really keep the conversation going haha.  We're so excited!  So let me just map out the next couple of months for you:

March - So I got my login to the Johnson Admitted Students Ning account.  It's pretty similar to Facebook but can be designated to specific groups.  It feels surreal to be a part of the group in all honesty.  I know that people who have been recently accepted this week are going to ask me when I received the login.  So I just received it two days ago even though I was accepted in the beginning of March.  From what I imagine, the admissions folks need to put everyone's names into the system and generate the invite to join the group so just hold tight, I'm sure you'll get it shortly.

In any event, the reason I mention next week is because a couple of my friends and I wanted to coordinate a Happy Hour here in NYC for the admitted students.  So I sent out messages and got the ball rolling.  So for those of you interested we will be meeting Thursday 3/31 @ The Ainsworth on W26th I believe.  I have to call on Monday to reserve a table, but at the very least there will definitely be enough room for everyone!  Can't wait to meet folks!

April - well what can I say about April?  It's only the most important month of my adult life for two reasons.  1.) It's the month I officially give my deposit to Johnson and can call myself a member of the Class of 2013 (and immediately add it to my Facebook profile)!  2.) Um... My birthday - hello!

Destination Johnson - The Admitted Students Weekend, is April 8-10 and I cannot wait for it!  I will be taking the Cornell Campus to Campus bus again!  I realize that I haven't even started school yet and I've spent $375 on commuting to and from Cornell. #IHopeBSchoolStudentsGetDiscountsOnThatBus  I won't go into detail about all that Destination Johnson (DJ) entails, but from what I gather it consists of a lot of information sessions and receptions.  All normal stuff.

I'm very excited to meet the people I've been emailing back and forth with who were also accepted.  I've spoken to people on the phone too and would love to put a face to the name.

May - I just have to really be diligent about saving my $$$.  Another deposit is due June 1st and then at the end of June I have to attend OP.

June - OP = Orientation Program for the Consortium.  Oh I don't know if I told you guys... I got Consortium membership, not to be confused with a Consortium Fellowship.  Membership means that I am a part of the network and have to attend the Orientation Program in June where I could potentially walk away with my internship for next year!

July - I think this is just another month of saving more money... I'm going to need a vacation in here somewhere haha.


Remember when... (App Nostalgia)

I got this "genius" idea to get a little nostalgic with this process...  I plan on writing another blog post later but I thought I would post this one first.  It's a bit fun but I think it's funny.  If you have any more just leave a comment and then I'll add them to the list.  I had some help from some friends with this one.

Remember when... we used to make up questions just to have a touch point with admissions officers?

Remember when... we would look for someone on your gchat list going through the same experience so you could vent?

Remember when... you had no idea what the consortium was?

Remember when... going out was more of a task then the GMAT?

Remember when... we would stay up all night complaining about writing essays?

Remember when... the GMAT was all we cared about?

Remember when... we checked the forums minute(ly)?

Remember when... we would attend every event that our top b-school was hosting in our area.

Remember when... we would catch every grammar mistake that people made as we prepared for Sentence Correction?

Remember when... we had no social life and had to check our friends that complained about never seeing us?

Remember when... no one believed in "holistic approach?

Remember when... your friends would drunk dial you proclaiming that they weren't getting in anywhere?
Remember when... you practiced sentence correction on your iPhone sitting at my desk because I couldn't let anyone at work know I was leaving?
Remember when... CR, DS, SC, and RC meant something to you?
Remember when... you had to lug around GMAT books?
Remember when... you thought you might be stuck in this job forever?
Remember when... we didn't sleep?
Remember when... we saw each other ever weekend at a different diversity event?
Remember when... we drank to ease the anxiety of the application process?
Remember when... we all thought that the Consortium deadline was the day before it actually was?
Remember when you thought the GMAT was the only thing that mattered?Remember when... you thought that no one took supplementary math classes an that it wouldn't help?
Remember when you didn't think you would end up on a waitlist?
Remember when... you calculated the opportunity cost of buying something vs. an extra tutoring session or GMAT book?
Remember when... your friends in b-school reminded you how unenvious of you they were?
Remember when... navigating MBA fairs became a science?
Remember when... you cared about rankings?
Remember when... you were on a first name basis with the admissions officers?
Remember when... you took the GMAT so many times that you had the school codes memorized?
Remember when... YOU GOT THAT ACCEPTANCE CALL and didn't care about all of that hard work?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


::sigh::  I'm tired lol... but I need to congratulate my friend who was just accepted to Darden!  Today was a big day for decisions it seems.  Actually I think this is a huge week for folks!  But Congratulations _________ on your Darden acceptance even though I know which school you'll end up with!  Maybe you should let them know sooner than later so that they can offer that admission to someone else!   #BeConsiderate!  :-)

HAHAHA... Dinner next week!  Woop Woop

Good Luck to those who find out about Duke this week!!!


So here is another quick update.  Do you remember when I met the potential Cornell Johnson student at Starbucks in the city a couple weeks ago?  If not here is the link to the post about meeting a potential fellow Johnson  student.  Well after he said that his Johnson School interview went well (#4 in that list).... I got a text last Friday when I was in Myrtle Beach saying that he was accepted!  I had the biggest smile on my face because I know how much he wanted it.  His story was great too and I'm excited that he'll be one of my classmates!

I know he's going to read this - or maybe he won't now that he's officially done - but Dude... we keep missing each other's calls!  I want to hear about it!

I met him through my tutor GMAT Ninja (yes I can reveal who he is now if you don't already know).  I actually owe him a post on here... I've been mia for a bit but now I'm back in action!



So I really can't keep up with all of the updates of my friends getting in to schools but this one deserves a shout out!   One of my friends that I met at the NYU Stern diversity weekend back in October was just accepted to Columbia!!!!!

He's also the one I helped prep for his columbia interview a couple weeks ago!  It's #5 in this list in that link in the previous sentence. We spoke for about an hour and it went really well!  He said that I helped him a lot and I think I did (not to blow my head up at all :-) ) but yeah... CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!

Make sure you whip your hair back and forth!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rejected from NYU Stern

I forgot to tell you guys...  On Monday I was rejected from NYU Stern.  It doesn't warrant any further discussion simply because I'm over all of the rejections.  So I finally have closure and all that jazz.. now I'm moving on to another portion of this process.  Financial Aid = #notfun. 

Congratulations to my friend who got into Georgetown today! 

I'll be "back to normal" next week.  I don't feel up to blogging this week. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Post-Decision Thoughts

I was just talking to a friend about her blog and how she stopped writing because she didn't have anything to blog about at times.  I told her to just write about not having anything to write about.  For instance right now I'm not sure what I'm going to write about.  Of course it'll be related to the business school application process that is pretty much coming to a close for me, but in terms of a specific topic.  ::shrugs::  I got nothing!

So now I am only waiting on the decision from one more school.  NYU Stern.  I have not been interviewed yet but I have heard that some people got interview invites on Friday, so all hope is not lost.  People keep asking me, "So if you get into NYU will you go there or to Cornell."  The truth is that I don't know.  I never really put too much thought into the prospect of going to NYU because I never heard from them.  They interview every admit so like Michigan, if I don't get an interview I can either be waitlisted or rejected.

I'm drained... but I figure if I've lasted this long I can last another 15 days max.  NYU's decision deadline is April 1st (I know late right?!?).  But there are some of us who are beginning to celebrate.  So on Wednesday there is a group of us from GMATClub (Consortium Thread) who will be getting together for some drinks.  It'll be cool to meet these folks in person.  I tell you... being a part of the message boards during decision time can be stressful if you get caught up in the counties people have heard from and the times people heard... but our little Consortium group... I dunno they kept me laughing throughout it all.  We were all rooting for one another while making fun of ourself and the process at the same time.  It was great comic relief and I'd like to give a shout out to LAGOMEZ, IAMNOTAPRIMENUMBER, and VICTORYMBA!  #HILARIOUS

I wonder what the dynamic is going to be like when we all get together in person.  It'll probably be exactly the same!  I envision a lot of laughing and drinking although after this past weekend I probably don't need any more to drink.  #lush

Lastly, I would just like to say good luck on your interview today at Johnson ________ .  I wish you well buddy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rejected from Tuck School of Business

I will admit that this one hurt a little bit!  By 3pm I knew what was coming so at 5pm I was definitely prepared for the outcome.  Stings just a little bit, not going to lie!

"Thank you for applying to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. After much thought and careful consideration, I regret to inform you that we are unable to grant your request for admission to the Tuck Class of 2013."

In any event, I know that I did everything I could to submit my best applications to all of the schools I applied too, so there are no regrets on that front!  Plus, I only applied to schools I would love to go to, so now it just comes down to waiting to hear what NYU wants to do with my application lol.  I know some people have gotten interview invites from R2 today, so that's a little odd, but hey we'll see how that pans out.  I love the Johnson School and am honored to have the opportunity to go there.  I left nothing on the table which was my goal going into this application process!  ::Pumps Fist::

Thursday, March 10, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FRIEND WHO WAS JUST ADMITTED TO TUCK!!!  Here is how our conversation went lmao!

HER: omg
i texted my friend who applied
being like "anything?"
and he was like "no I don't expect to hear until 5 pm tomorrow"
and i was like "oh they call you if you're in. so today or tomorrow! sorry if i just brought on stress "
and now he's madt at me
he had no idea
HER: "mean mean person"
ME: yeah you shouldn't have said n e thing
HER: omg 603
 Sent at 11:48 AM on ThursdaY
     ME:    your silence is very very telling! i'm going to say CONGRATULATIONS!
 Sent at 11:51 AM on Thursday
    ME: ok i know you're freaking out... just type "I GOT IN" so i know when to start freaking out
 HER:  holy shit
i'm in!
go outside right now
going outside
going outside
 ME:  lmao
im updating my blog for you
 HER:  ok thank you thank yo
holy crap
 HER:  holy crap
holy crap
 ME:  sweet
stop shaking
actually no... SHAKE AWAY!

Why Can't MBA Students Write?

So my friend posted this article from the WSJ on her Facebook page today and I read it and thought I would share:

"Corporate hiring managers are increasingly complaining that M.B.A. grads have terrible writing skills, and more b-schools are trying to address the problem."

Sidenote - Tuck calls are rumored to be going out today and tomorrow!  I know the decisions will be released tomorrow in our accounts, so we shall see what happens.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rejected from University of Michigan

Two more decisions to go!  

"Thank you for considering the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. The Admissions Committee has thoroughly reviewed your application. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a place in the Ross School of Business Full-time MBA Program Class of 2013."

There's a bunch of other stuff in another paragraph that I skimmed through.  I knew that it would be either a DING or a Waitlist because I was not interviewed, so I'm not surprised.

My friend WAS waitlisted though! So that's a good thing because it's NOT ding!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Ok so as you can tell the last couple of posts have been about my friends whom I am incredibly happy for, but now it's time to get back to ME!  There is a lot that I have to cover so I'm going to hop right into it.  oh btw... lately I've become very hashtag happy.

1.  Anxiety over this Investment  - It's interesting when you are going through the application process and you're soooo wrapped up in making sure that your GMAT, Essays, Recommenders, and all that jazz is tight.  You always hear about the cost of tuition and what not but a lot of the time, at least for me, it was simply a necessary evil.  Sure I applied through the Consortium so the chance of my receiving a fellowship was/is (I don't even know at this point) refreshing, but now as fellowship decisions are being delivered the big elephant in the room is becoming more and more obvious.  I spent nearly a down payment on a house (in some cities) to get a mortgage (in some cities).  Essentially that's what transpired this year.  I'm okay with it... or at least I will be...but I think all applicants who are going to go through with business school and are paying for it, need to go through this mental wrestling match with themselves to fully understand what we are getting ourselves into.  I could not imagine doing this without having an end goal in sight.  That'd just be weird...  #HaveAPlan.

2.  Speaking of fellowships hahahah... Congratulations to all of my friends who did receive fellowships to various schools!  I know the joy one experiences when you get the acceptance call but I can only imagine what it must be like to get the acceptance call and then find out that you've received the fellowship too!  So... to my friends at whichever school I end up at... you guys are buying dinner that first night!  #JustFYI

3.  Admitted students weekends are around the corner.  Well not really arond the corner, but Destination Johnson at Cornell is in 30 days.  I have to register for that tomorrow actually - or maybe right after I finish this blog post.  I cannot wait to meet my potential future classmates.  I'm going to keep saying potential future classmates, because I have not received the final word from three schools just yet.  As it stands right now, I'll only be invited to one ASW, so I don't have to juggle 5/6/7 of them.  I have it easy compared to some of my friends.  #WhoaIsThem

4.  So do you remember when I met with a guy who was interviewing at Cornell and wanted to meet up with me?  Well I bet you're wondering how his interview went...  it went very well!  I'll probably talk to him tomorrow to get the full low-down but I hope he nailed it so that we can be potential classmates.  I was also just talking to him and we're plotting against our tutor lol. #GladICouldHelp 

5.  Tomorrow (today) I'm going to be doing a mock interview with someone who became a friend after we partied it up at the NYU Diversity Conference.  I actually haven't seen him since the conference but we're Facebook friends and talk all the time.  He applied to three schools and just recently received an interview invite for Columbia.  I told him to send me his resume and that we would do a mock interview.  I want all of my friends to get into business school so that they understand rather than complain when I say that I'm too busy for things.  No but actually...I really want him to get into Columbia.  He did go there for undergrad so I'm going to need to come up with some more difficult questions that convey fit.  I already told him that I was going to be hard on him.  #LoveRolePlaying

6.  Also tomorrow is a big day because I find out if I was waitlisted or dinged from the University of Michigan.  I have a prediction so we'll see how it plays out at 4pm tomorrow.  #DingDong



CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FRIEND WHO WAS JUST ACCEPTED TO MICHIGAN!!!  I mean..  he was also accepted to about 5 other schools, so at that point do you even get excited any more?!?  Just Kidding!!  Of course you do!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Rollercoaster of Emotions Today!

Today was the most nerve wracking day for my friends and I.  So as you can tell from my two previous posts, it was a good day for one of my friends who got multiple admits and the Fellowship to Tuck!

Me myself, yes I was hoping for the Tuck admit/fellowship call, but it's 5:45pm right now and I doubt I will receive anything in the next 15 minutes.  BUT!  From what I received in a private message from someone on the message board... Tuck non-fellowship admits can still be called next week.  So as much as I was looking for closure this week... I did not get it!  NYU - haven't heard from but I do check my account randomly!  I'm not nervous per se about an admit/rejection/waitlist but I keep checking so that I can stop thinking about it, if that makes sense.  I have not thought about Yale or Berkeley since I received my rejections.

Next week on the 8th is DEFINITELY Michigan notifications.  So by 4pm on Tuesday I will have closed that chapter of the story.

In addition to everything I've been dealing with, a lot of other schools made their fellowship calls today!  I have friends who were happy... others who were confused... it was just a whirlwind of a day!

So it's with great pleasure that I can say that tomorrow I will be in Hoboken for the St. Patty's Day celebration. AKA Binge Drinking!  I believe it's well deserved after today!

Congratulations to all of the Admits today and the fellowship recipients!!  A couple more weeks guys and then we're donezo!!


So that same friend who was just accepted to Tuck earlier today was also accepted to Columbia!  SHE BETTER WORK!



Thursday, March 3, 2011

So... apparently last year today - the Friday after the Consortium fellowship meeting - is when Tuck made their acceptance calls for Consortium applicants.  So if the trend follows suit this is the day I've been waiting for for over a year.

I was fine all day today because I was preoccupied with calming my friends down who were supposed to hear from NYU.  Then I got that Berkeley email which was completely unexpected.  The outcome was not unexpected but how it happened was lol.  I got out of a meeting and was walking into another one.  In doing so I walked by my computer and decided to just move my mouse to see if I had any new emails.  I saw that I had an email from "Decision" and then saw Berkeley.  So I opened it and then read it and was liek "Wow!  Indiscrete much?"  Then I walked into my meeting and said "So I was just rejected by Berkeley."

Then I texted a couple of friends on my "Must Text About B-School List" because they're so interested in it... and they all said "Aw I'm Sorry... How are you?"  and I responded "Oh I'm perfectly fine!"  That's the thing about only applying to schools that you would love to go to.  Once you get into one of them... if you get rejected from any others it doesn't matter mentally!  #gladfortheresearch.  Which brings me to the topic of this post....TUCK.

So right now I'm drinking wine - started at 12:30 because the prospect of hearing hit me that late.  So I've had 2 glasses (just cut myself off or I'll keep going) I feel very good right now because I haven't eaten anything.   So if I start to not make sense and ramble then you know why!  #BearWithMe.  Anyway I'm talking to my very good friend who got into Cornell.  We're fantasizing about how we would move into school blasting J. Lo's new song "On the floor" and just start having a blast with our Johnson t-shirts on.

This is an odd time for me though... as you can probably tell by now, I fully commit myself to anything that I do or that I experience.  Right now I want to commit to a school because I'm 100% over having my life on pause.  I'm also glad to know that my sentiments are shared with my fellow applicants.  It's not even about "Oh where am I going?"  it's more about "... ugh can I send the deposit and start making plans to tell work or plan my exit?"  I have friends who received fellowships and know where they are definitely going to school.  Me on the other hand am still waiting to hear from other schools.  Like I said, tomorrow is rumored to be Tuck acceptances.

I've made connections with potential fellow Cornellians that I sometimes don't even like to say that I'm waiting for Tuck.  We've fantasized about how fun it would be to be classmates and all that jazz, that they would be happy for me if I were to get in to Tuck but you know ... this fantasy (only because it hasn't been realized yet) life is fun.  Plus we've bonded!  I can say that Johnson students are a rare breed and I'm glad that I can count myself among one of those accepted.  My friends who are definitely going are good people!

Should Tuck decisions go out tomorrow I will be ok with whatever the end result is.  I'm at peace with the fact that either way I will be going to a school that I love and have made life-long friends in the process of applying.  We will all see one another at the various MBA conferences and of course we have Facebook oh and cell phones.

If it was meant to be it will be!  I think I had some other things I wanted to bring up and discuss but I don't remember what they were lol  #ShowingTrueColors hahaha..  Have a good night everyone!

Rejected from UC Berkeley Haas

Just received the Ding letter from UC Berkeley Haas.  It surprised me (not the ding) but just the letter.  A.) I didn't know they were going out today.  B.) I thought it was going to be something like - Check Your Account Status.  But nope... lol... it was and email:

"Dear Richard,

After a careful review of your application to the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to the fall 2011 entering class."

No big deal... I'm content with that.  I'm glad that this process is finally coming to an end, although I will say that tomorrow is UBER important and I may vomit all day long.  

Ok I gotta go back to work but just wanted to let you guys know...  will write an in depth post later.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GMATClub Forumitis

Someone on the message boards just posted this funny post and I thought I would republish it.  This is what our lives have come down to since we know that all of the schools know whether or not we've been admitted/rejected and whether or not we have the fellowship.

Good Evening Everyone

I am posting this comment to try to help my friend. You see, I have a friend who religiously checks this forum to the point that it is a disease. I have decided to call the disease "Forumitis" - it is when you check the forums and constantly hit refresh over and over and over again. To you help everyone recognize this disease, here are some of the symptoms:

- Making statements referring to refreshing the boards
- Making arguments and statements beginning with "looks like some ppl..." or "the boards said..."
- Loss of productivity at work
- General lack of hygiene
- Staying in on Friday and Saturday night to hang out with friends from the board
- Even hitting refresh while on the toilet
- Or flat out denying they have a problem

The best way to combat this is to recognize it early and sent them to therapist to get help. How do I know all this, it is because I suffered this in the ED phase. Now that R2 is coming up, I am starting to see other people suffer from this. So, please if you yourself is suffering from this or you know someone who is, please get them help. Please feel free to PM me if you need extra advice. Remember, its normal to check it a few times a day, but hitting refresh is not OK. I just hope this message reaches my friend before its to late.

Good Luck to everyone.
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